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We’re pleased to offer the following services:


Regulated health professionals that assess people who are affected by injury, illness or disability.

Advanced Sports Injury Rehabilitation / Physiotherapy Treatment

We will meet your individually targeted goal and get you back into your game or enjoyment of your leisure activity.

Shockwave Therapy

Is a non-invasive highly effective form of treatment to musculoskeletal tissue injuries.

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Specialized Physiotherapy treatment for both men and women. Offers the first line of defence for pelvic floor issues often eliminating the need for invasive surgical procedures.

Pre/Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Minimizing the length of recovery and improving function by having pre and post surgical Physiotherapy services.

Personal Exercise Programs With An Exercise Therapist

Customized individual exercise programs designed and recommended by your physiotherapist to meet your specific recovery goals.


Stimulates natural tissue regeneration and healing and pain control.


Taping techniques provide support and feedback to joints and muscle/ligament tissue.

Pain Management

We treat acute and chronic pain conditions.

Custom Orthotics

Our Chiropodist or Physiotherapist can fit you for customs orthotics that are reimbursed through extended health insurance plans.

Custom and Non-Customized Braces

Braces offer supportive protection to stabilize an area of the body to allow for improved safe function.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Education to understand your specific pain is an effective way of reducing further progressive of the current area and affects on other areas of the body.

Rehab Products

Check out our list of popular rehab products.

WSIB and MVA Physiotherapy Treatment

We offer direct billing Physiotherapy services directly with WSIB and MVA insurance.

Home Care Physiotherapy

If you are unable to leave your home, physiotherapy at home from a registered physiotherapist can be a beneficial option for you.

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