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Custom and Non-Customized Braces

Whether you have an injury, pain, or arthritis a brace can offer the support required to improve your mobility and relieve your pain. Brace options are vast and recommended based on your specific needs and condition. Braces provide supportive protection needed to stabilize an area of the body to allow you to improve your function and tolerance towards engaging in activities of daily living. They can provide a speedier recovery from injury. This in turn improves your overall quality of life and health since it keeps you active while maintaining an appropriate alignment to build strength but yet keeps you safe to limit injury. In some circumstances they can be used temporarily and in other cases it can be used regularly. Our team of physiotherapists can recommend a brace that will improve your physical abilities based on your injury and/or instability issues.

The most common question physiotherapists are asked with regards to braces is the fear they will further cause weakness. This is absolutely not true, braces if used at the appropriate times will allow you to function safely and allow you to challenge your endurance levels of other areas of your body that would otherwise be subject to the lack of challenge if the brace was not worn. This alone far exceeds any risks a brace could pose with regards to weakness to the area it is worn. In addition, a brace is never given at Physiotherapy in Newmarket without the inclusion of an extensive exercise program to manage your injury/weakness along with instructions on when the brace should and should not be worn. Braces help to put joints and muscles in a safe alignment enabling appropriate contraction with little stress to joints and muscles, thus minimizing further injury/strain to tissues involved. This allows you to stay on the path of recovery, still allowing you to embrace many of the activities you have grown to enjoy.

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