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WSIB and MVA Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy in Newmarket is a registered service provider for WSIB and MVA claims.

We are pleased to offer physiotherapy services directly with WSIB Ontario workers who have injured themselves at work. Many injured workers are covered under the provincial Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). To qualify for this coverage the workers employer needs to be registered with WSIB and the worker needs to have a claim through WSIB by reporting the injury in a timely manner to his/her employer. Once your WSIB claim is approved your physiotherapy fees will be processed between our office and WSIB.

Here at Physiotherapy in Newmarket we will use a variety of proven treatment techniques and protocols to effectively treat your specific condition to enable you to have a safe and timely return and maximize your capabilities. Give us a call and we can arrange an appointment with one of our experienced physiotherapists.

The experienced team of health professionals at Physiotherapy in Newmarket facilitate the recovery for patients after being in a motor vehicle accident.

Auto insurance companies in Ontario provide coverage for the cost of physiotherapy treatments required for injuries sustained from a motor vehicle accident. Call Physiotherapy in Newmarket today and let us help you through this process and provide you with the treatment you require to recover from your accident related injuries.

You could have a minor or major accident, either way physiotherapy treatment is commonly required. Whiplash injury happens in even in minor fender benders, it happens quickly and causes damage to soft tissue in your neck and surrounding tissue due to the quick forward and backward propulsion of your neck. It is important to have the extent of your injuries assessed as soon as possible after the accident in order to minimize your risk of sustaining chronic long term damage if left untreated since this can lead to chronic pain. Most people start to notice symptoms in the first 48 hours after hours after the accident but some other individuals will begin to have symptoms appear up to as long as 2 weeks.

At Physiotherapy in Newmarket, we will assess the severity of your symptoms and how this has impacted your function along with additional symptoms that have evolved from your injuries. A specific treatment program will be recommended and implemented by our team of experienced physiotherapists. The program is designed to meet your physical goals, which will alleviate pain and discomfort, and be a progressive return to full pain free functional movement to a pre-accident level.

Direct Billing

At Physiotherapy in Newmarket, we are pleased to offer you the convenience of direct billing for many insurance companies. Call us today to inquire.

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