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Pre/Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy in Newmarket provides therapy for those facing the prospect of surgery and/or after surgery. Physiotherapy aides by minimizing the length of recovery post operatively and gives clients the ability to reach their fullest potential of functional mobility and strength thus limiting its impact. In fact, pre/post-surgical rehabilitation can be the key to an ideal physical outcome for those preparing for or recovering from shoulder surgery, wrist/elbow surgery, ACL/meniscus repair, total knee or hip replacements, spinal surgeries along with many other surgical procedures. Commonly some orthopaedic surgeries can even be avoided with our proactive approach.

Pre-surgery: Our physiotherapists work with you to improve your range of motion, strength and endurance to allow for faster and more effective recovery after the surgical procedure. These rehab techniques prepare your tissues and joints for surgery which allow for improved circulation and function making rehab techniques post-operatively to be easier to tolerate, allowing them to make greater physical gains from a rehabilitation perspective and at a faster rate.

Post-surgically: Our physiotherapists work closely with clients of all ages to focus on mobility, strength and the ability to participate in meaningful daily activities.
Surgery can be intimidating especially with the physical challenges we face post-operatively. Our physiotherapists will guide you through a personalized plan following your particular surgical protocol outlined by your surgeon to ensure a shorter more comfortable recovery period with the ideal return to functional capability.

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At Physiotherapy in Newmarket, we are pleased to offer you the convenience of direct billing for many insurance companies. Call us today to inquire.

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